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If you have been arrested, charged with a crime, read your rights, or the police or some other law enforcement agency is or might have an interest in you, you need to talk with an attorney.

To make it simple, if you think you might need an attorney in a criminal matter you do. My cell phone is with me at all times, and only turned off when I am in court. Try to call me at 813-831-4426 first and my cell 813-431-3310 next. I will return your call as soon as possible.

If you are in jail, let me know the name of the facility if you do not have a number or are calling from a general population phone.
E-mail is checked daily at

Business address is:
PO Box 10456
Tampa, Florida 33679-0456

Contact Phone Numbers:
Phone: 813-831-4426
Cell: 813-431-3310
Fax: 813-839-5667.